Engineered Bird Room

Mark Schack is a mechanical engineer by trade and applies that expertise in designing his bird breeding environment. "I read everything I can find on a topic and take that knowledge to make something better", says Mark Schack. Whether it is lighting, cage designs or maximizing space, every detail of our room is thought out from an engineers perspective and improved upon with iterations.

We have split our bird breeding into three areas. First is the quarrantine area. Before any new bird is introduced to our flock, it is separated, treated as required and observed for health conditions. Our second area is a resting room. Automated lighting simulates natural sun conditions off-season. Here we have flight cages providing plenty of room for our birds to exercise. Males, females and juveniles are separated. Third, we have a bird breeding room. Lighting is automated for optimal breeding conditions. Cages are designed for automated fresh water.

We hope you will look forward to reading more about the details of each area as Mark develops new technologies and methods to help save time or improve the quality of conditions for the birds.